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IT Services

Pointing your network infrastructure in the right direction !

CompNet IT Services, helps companies solve real IT business problems with a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, including consulting, system design, technology procurement, implementation, managed services and support services.

IT Services for Small and  Medium Sized Businesses

There are many factors driving the way IT Service for small business is delivered. Small to medium sized businesses have the same IT Service challenges of larger companies such as: cyber security threats, cloud deployments and regulatory compliance issues. A small business may rely on IT as much as a larger company but may not have the internal staff for IT support. A current trend in IT Service for Small Business is comprehensive IT support and IT service called IT Managed Services. This method of IT Service for small business can provide proactive support for computer maintenance and repair and help a small business make the most of their IT Support budget.


CompNet Managed Service Providers deliver IT services for computer repair, network monitoring, remote support, backup, anti virus updates, security patching and other proactive services using remote monitoring and management technologies. Working remotely reduces the need to come on site, saving you time and money. You may also benefit from obtaining IT Services at a flat rate, which will help you budget and manage your cash flows better.


Malicious Software or Malware is a serious concern to IT Security experts and business owners alike. Malware is a category of Cyber Security threats that includes Viruses, Worms,Trojans and Botnets. It is no surprise that the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) tenth annual IT Security Information Trends report placed Malware at the top of the list of security threats. CompTIA cited that eighty-five percent of Business Owners and IT Professionals have a moderate to serious concern about Malware. Why should you care?


Many times Malware intrusions will go undetected. Some malware may cause your computer to run slowly. Some malware may be programmed to silently harvest privacy data from your hard drive, while other malware is programmed to destroy data on your hardware. Other malware can turn your PC into a Cyber Hacker by exploiting security holes and using your PC to attack other PCs.


IT Security Threads Protection

To protect your applications and their data, as well as your employee productivity, make sure all of your IT Assets are up to date with Operating System patches and updates. IT Assets include desktops, laptops, servers, smart phones and tablet computers. Also, keep your applications up to date with the latest updates. Many of these security patches are designed to protect you from Malware attacks. In addition, keep your Anti-Virus and Anti-malware subscriptions current to protect yourself from Malware threats.


Don't become a victim of data theft!


Network Infrastructure Security Protection Services

Corporate Enterprise Level

IT Environment Services


Business Network Services is a fully managed solution that allows your organization to lever the experience and expertise of our engineering staff in the planning, design, implementation,  management, and monitoring & maintenance of the voice and data network.

Support and maintenance are two of the core tasks that network engineers perform. The objective of network maintenance is to keep the network available with minimum service disruption and at acceptable performance levels. Network maintenance includes regularly scheduled tasks such as making backups and upgrading devices or software. Structured network maintenance provides a guideline that you can follow to maximize network uptime and minimize unplanned outages,

CompNet IT Services, performs and evaluates commonly practiced O/S models and methodologies for network maintenance, introduces new processes and procedures that are fundamental parts of any network maintenance procedures. Identifies and evaluates network tools, applications, and resources that are supporting the network maintenance processes.

The following procedure is some of the task performed by our engineers that our managed services provide.


  • Device installation and maintenance: Installing computer & network devices and software applications, creating user profile and backing up hardware and software configurations.

  • Failure response: support for user experiencing network problems, remote diagnostic troubleshooting, link failures, equipment replacement, and restoring system backups

  • Network performance: capacity planning, performance enhancement tuning, and network usage monitoring

  • Business procedures: documenting, compliance auditing, and service level agreement (SLA) management

  • Security: implementing security procedures, security auditing, network vulnerability test, and federal regulation compliance security requirements.


CompNet, managed services performed by our engineers may differ between organizations. Depending on the type of business and organization network infrastructure and size.

When it comes to providing the most optimal service solutions for your IT infrastructure, CompNet IT Services, offers a partnership program that allows us to use reliable resources and third party verification on issues that require network infrastructure regulatory compliances and other networking security services and network performance.

With third party verification partner program, it allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing their network infrastructure is secure and network managed services is in compliance with any federal regulatory requirements.


CompNet IT Services screens our business partners involved with our program, making sure their services meet our standard of excellent and quality of service that is expected by our clients and CompNet IT Services, Inc.


Providing IT services verification gives businesses the power in knowing their network infrastructure is protected 24/7 by a team of experts ensuring that the right IT solutions and security services are being provided for your company needs.

Strategic Partnership

Verification Services



Computer & Network

Remote & Repairs Services

CompNet IT Services, offers a variety of computer and networking services for our clients that like to work from the comfort of their home.

Our dedicated service call technicians specialize in residential home networks and computer repair services.

Convenient Remote support services, allows on the spot  diagnostic trouble-shooting of your computer and network system. Remote services allow our technicians to run virus protection applications to remove any viruses or malware issues you may be experiencing.

Configuring and setup computer devices, like printers, routers, network switches, molibile devices come second nature to our technician who spend many hours working with different types of vendor devices on today's market.  


CompNet IT Services, educates our clients on how to use and manage their computer equipment to get the most optimal performance out of the computer experience.


Business Network Services is a fully managed solution that allows your organization to lever the experience and expertise of our engineering staff in the planning & design, implementation & management, and monitoring & maintenance of the voice and data network. These three phases make up the life cycle of voice and data networks.

Post-installation maintenance and monitoring of the network is essential in the overall satisfaction and continued operation of the voice and data network. Servicing the network and monitoring its health prevents many problems and avoids unnecessary downtime and data loss. To maintain high-service levels, we proactively monitor the network components for uptime and utilization. In the event of failure, an engineer is notified of the problem and begins working to solve the issue. 

Network equipment is maintained with the latest software versions, vendor patches, security updates, and virus updates. We monitor data backups to ensure they are functioning properly and make necessary network changes as required.



Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Managed Solutions

Cloud Computing

Mobile Service


Cloud Computing adoption is on the rise for businesses looking to reduce capital expenditure and avoid software licensing. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Annual Trends in Cloud Computing Survey forty two percent of respondents turned to the cloud to modernize legacy IT. Forty two percent of those Business Owners and IT Executives cited Cloud Computing as simply a better option and fifty percent surveyed were moving to the cloud to cut costs.

Many companies have turned to Cloud Computing without even knowing it. Through rogue IT (end user adoption without IT assistance) employees may be using cloud backup technologies for file sharing, mobile applications that connect to the cloud and other productivity tools. Here are some ways your company can make a strategic investment in Cloud Computing to extend the life of your existing IT Infrastructure.

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